The Darkest Kiss – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter


Anya is the Goddess of Anarchy. She is full of confidence and wants Lucien, The Keeper of Death, for herself. She isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Even though she is centuries old, she uses modern lingo and dresses sexy as hell.

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Lucien is paired with the demon Death. He is scarred and has a rather somber personality.

When Anya comes onto Lucien in the club, he is turned on but suspects she has other motives for wanting him because he cannot believe that someone would want him because he believes himself to be ugly from the self-inflicted scars and burns that cover his face and body.


Cronus wants Anya dead because she has the All-Key which allows the owner to escape any prison and orders Lucien to kill her but doesn’t tell him why. He has to kill her or Cronus will make all of his friends suffer.

Lucien does not want to kill Anya because he desires her. He stalks after her by following where she traces. They fight and sometimes make out. —This is where the book starts getting on my nerves. Anya doesn’t tell Lucien right away about the key and then when she does, she leaves out a lot so there is a lot of a misunderstanding between them. They go off to find the Cage of Compulsion (one of the four items needed to find Pandora’s Box which the Lords are all trying to find in order to control it. The Hunters are after these items too so they can use the box to separate the Lords from their demons which would imprison the demons but kill the Lords)

What bugs me about the story is that there is way too much – “I want you. No I don’t” It went on way too long and started wearing on my nerves to where I would just stop reading and go do other things. I almost gave up on the book but the background story intrigues me so I kept going.

Meanwhile, the other Lords of the Underworld are spread out across the globe searching for the other three items that will help find Pandora’s Box.

Reyes is conflicted because he has feelings for Danika and Aeron has been compelled by the Titans to kill Danika, her sister, her mother and her grandmother. If Aeron does kill them, he will probably lose his mind after his mind clears of the compulsion. Reyes doesn’t want to hurt Aeron but may have to in order to save the women.

Paris has been captured by Hunters.

The plot thickens.

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