J.R. Ward – Fallen Angel Series – Possession

I really enjoy J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I feel like I am an invisible family member inserting myself into the stories. Those men want me. They just don’t know it yet. 😉

The Fallen Angels Series was harder for me to get into mostly because the characters are hardcore. They’ve lived rough lives and barely have any compassion.

I finished Possession recently.

The series goes like this;
Heaven and Hell make a deal because someone got bored. Seven souls go into play to see if Team Heaven or Team Hell can win their souls. The first team to get to four wins gets the prize. I’d say this is unreal and God would never do this but I’ve read Job. The rules seem unfair and Hell’s team which basically consists of Devina, has the advantage because she has all kinds of neat powers and she gets to know exactly who the soul is that they are trying to win. Team Heaven has a lot of players but they basically all suck and either don’t have any special powers or don’t know they have them and they don’t know the rules very well. They also have to guess at who the soul is so they are always at a disadvantage.
This is by far the worst book in the series. By the end of this book, I absolutely hated Jim, the so called “Savior”. SPOILER alert… He gets Sissy out of Devina’s vault for selfish reasons and not because he is worried about her soul. He wants to jump her virgin bones because he’s a pig and he only thinks with his wee wee.
Thank goodness for Adrian trying to keep up with the targeted soul and keeping Sissy company. I’d like to see them two get together. Let Jim go do Nigel’s job. It would serve him right for eternity. Oh, and talk about SELFISH,Nigel gets that award. What was with that?
Cait and Duke’s romance was one of the only things that saved the book. I liked their story.
The other thing that saved the book was Devina. I’m kind of liking her.
She’s everything vile wrapped up in a pretty package. Jim keeps doing her so he must not care what she really looks like.
Hopefully, Team Heaven gets their act together in the next book.

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