Too Perfect bodies and characters

What’s up with the perfect characters in paranormal romance books? I mean, the men and woman are always so beautiful with perfect bodies. I want the men to be perfect since woman are the primary readers of these books but I’d like to see some of the women have a few flaws that I can relate to so I made a bitch list.
They could be on an adventure for a month yet the woman never has hairy armpits or legs AND speaking of hairy… the women always have the perfect triangle of pubic hair. Really? If I don’t constantly shave, I’d look like a 1960s or 1970s pinup girl.

Why does the woman always have to be a virgin? or at least, most of the time, the author makes the woman inexperienced in bed. Well, Kresley Cole doesn’t for which I give her kudos.
On that note… In paranormal romance books, the first time the couple has sex, the woman always has an orgasm. Wow! How many real women have orgasms the first time they have sex? Keep in mind that the men are always hung like donkeys. I’ve read a few books where they describe their male part as being as thick as the woman’s wrist. Can you say OUCH!!! That would be like giving birth. When I was a virgin, I prayed for a tampon sized penis so it wouldn’t hurt. Oh wait, that’s what I got. But with immortal men, I guess they make first time sex perfect.
I want to see some cellulite and a few stretch marks on these women. I want the immortal men to lust after someone who isn’t so perfect.

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